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Airport Donetsk

Airport Donetsk, Ukraine
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Airport Turkmenabat

International Airport Turkmenabat, Turkmenistan
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Airport Dubai

Airport Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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Goma International Airport

Goma International Airport, DR Congo
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International Airport Kishinev

International Airport Kishinev, Moldova
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Airport Kapino Polje

Airport Kapino Polje, Niksic, Montenegro
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Donetsk Turkmenabat Dubai Goma Chisinau Niksic

We at Intairplan combine the services of airport planning and and airport consulting in case of construction of new airports or the expansion or renovation of existing airports.

As Intairplan is part of the WAM Holding AG we are taking part in airport projects world wide.

Intairplan is working together with the WAM planners and engineers who have been in business for 30 years. We are providing services and consulting in civil engineering and construction planning as well as spatial and environmental planning in Switzerland and Europe. Our clients have trusted us with projects, which are of great significance to their surroundings. We are proud to be part of the process to help and advice our clients with their construction projects.

Intairplan and WAM professionals are well qualified, creative and award-winning, environmentally and socially conscious and work close together with architects, construction companies and the clients. They are the link and mediator for all parties of a construction project.

Services for airport planning WAM started in 2007 and Intairplan in 2012 so the major references Donetsk (execution planning during the construction), Turkmenabad (Masterplan) were executed successfully.

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Donetsk International Airport «Sergey Prokofiev»

In order to be ready for the upcoming FIFA EURO 2012 massive and upgrading constructions of Donetsk International Airport had to be taken care of.

The project was the result of the company FA. Kirchhoff trusting the competent and experienced experts of Intairplan and WAM planners and engineers. The invested sum of the whole project has been more than one billion euros.

The new runway of about 4000m (Code 4F) which provides enough space for the take off and landing of the biggest airplanes and a parallel taxiway with four rapid exit taxiways and two aprons of about 400'000 square meter had to be built. The runway was completed in July 2011.

The new capacity of the airport was extended from 300 passengers per hour to handling 3800 passengers per hour. All aspects of the construction and improvement project had been completed in 2013.

The project facts:

  • Massiv reconstruction of airport for FIFA EURO 2012
  • New runway of 4000m
  • New Teminal handling 3800 passengers per hour
  • New Tower welcoming the biggest airplanes of the world
  • Time of construction 2007-2013
  • Investment volume above one billion euros

Involved: Altkom(Kiew); FA.Kirchhoff (Stuttgart); WAM planners and engineers

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New Airport Complex of Turkmenabat – Preliminary Design

The company Altkom from Donetsk (Ukraine) has requested several variants as studies both for the development of a master plan and architectural solutions for the objects of airport operations were developed for the project of a new international airport in Turkmenbashi.

Our professionals of the WAM and Intairplan team prepared in cooperation with the Energoprojekt Urbanizam i Arhitektura from Belgrade (Serbia) as well as with the company DOMAA also from Belgrade (Serbia), solutions for the new airport in the city of Turkmenbashi.

Different locations of the airport complex, as well as opening up possibilities were analyzed in terms of their profitability. The cost-effectiveness analysis of the sites was carried out both in relation to the construction and subsequent use.

Int’l airport opens in Turkmenistan’s Turkmenabat city


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Dubai International Airport Expansion Project (Phase III) SP 367
North Runway Resurfacing & Airfield Improvements – Lighting Installation

The Emirate's current main airport, Dubai International (DXB), is one of the biggest in the world and has a capacity of 75 million passengers. Further expansion is planned to permit traffic of almost 100 million passengers by the end of 2020.

Although constantly renewed, the northern runway is nearing the end of its design life and requires resurfacing and other modifications to accommodate future traffic. At the same time there is a requirement to upgrade runway lighting and construct new taxiways on the southern runway to boost capacity, said Dubai Airports in statement.

Together with its partner ElgraVision, Belgrade Intairplan was mandated as airsite supervisor by Honeywell, Dubai.

As part of the resurfacing of both the northern and southern runway, the existing runway lighting has been completely removed. The new concept of the lighting system included installing of new LED lights together with the entire equipment as well as construction of the cable ducts system, which were necessary for the new lighting system.

During 50 days of round the clock work there have been built over 2 km of cable ducts system, 12 new taxiways, installed 450 km of primary cables. Now the new airport ground lighting system consisting of 6’500 units is fully operational and every single light can be controlled individually.

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Project to improve the safety of Goma International Airport (DR Congo) - PASAG

The PASAG has the aim to improve the infrastructure of Goma International Airport and obtain the certification of the ICAO as an airport of category 4D. The main concerns at Goma International Airport are the safety and security issues which here diminished by lava, during the eruption of volcano Nyiragongo in 2002 that damaged the one third of the runway.

Some works has been completed recently at the airport. To complete the infrastructure, in order to obtain the ICAO Certification, the World Bank donated 52 mil $ to Congolese Government.

It was necessary to perform design of identified infrastructure in conformity with norms and recommendations of ICAO.

The design concerned the following structures:

  • The runway extension 435m to achieve the initial length of 3 000m before volcano eruption
  • The adjusting of runway and taxiway strips
  • The application of designation marking on all pavements
  • The setting up of security areas at the thresholds of runway RESAs and SWYs
  • The construction of the service road surrounding the runway
  • The construction of fence-wall of the airport
  • The construction of the pipe culverts for airfield lighting system

The World Bank Fact Sheet: The Goma Airport Safety Improvement Project

World Bank Report

La Banque Mondiale: Goma prend son envol

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Kishinev, Moldova – International Airport
Modernization of Airfield

The Project for Modernization of International Airport of Kishinev includes a substantial increase of bearing capacity index of runway (PCN), on its entire length of 3 590 meters, with an area of 167 000 m2 of taxiways and aprons including 6 positions for the aircrafts with CODE C, from the existing value PCN 51 up to PCN 70. Increasing the bearing capacity will allow Kishinev International Airport to serve all types of aircrafts, without any restriction. Also, the runway will be widened from 45m to 60m. In order to handle traffic of 21 aircrafts per hour the new taxiways are under construction and the rehabilitation of existing taxiways is ongoing.

In addition, the works on rehabilitation of the old runway had been started as it was not used for more than 20 years. Following the rehabilitation, the old runway will serve as a taxiway to the main runway.

The team of engineers from Intairplan GmbH prepared the design and is performing the supervision of works for the rehabilitation and widening of runway, taxiways and aprons.

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Airport Kapino Polje, Niksic, Montenegro
Control Tower and Supervising

The town of Niksic in Montenegro has a sport airport with great potential. Initially, in 1930, it was built as a small airstrip with one grass runway. Later it developed into a notable parachuting training center. Its runway was asphalted, with length increased to 1 400m. Niksic Airport (LYNK), also known as Kapino Polje, has had some improvements since the last event the 2010 FAI World Parachuting Championships. Prior to the Championships there were reconstruction and construction works on the airport fence and on the hangar with his annexes. The works on extension of the runway and taxiway surface were done. In summer of 2014, further improvements have been planned and in August the first stage of the modular development of the control tower was realized. The first phase includes the prefabrication of the control tower and will be used for accommodation of traffic control manager.

The modular development is of significant meaning to the airport tower as it allows the administration to expand the tower according to the needs and the development of air traffic in the future. The new improvements were planned, as for signalization (AGL), and will be implemented as soon as possible to cover the potential of Niksic Airport (LYNK) and allow him to become an international airport.

The Intairplan GmbH prepared the design for the control tower and performed the supervision of works with the local partner.

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Airport L. Jarak Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade-Lisičji Jarak Airport (Serbian: Аеродром Београд-Лисичји Јарак, Aerodrom Beograd-Lisičji Jarak) (ICAO: LYBJ) is located 13 km north of the city of Belgrade, near Padinska Skela, Serbia. The airport is mostly used for pilot training and sport parachuting jumps, as well as crop dusting operations. It is expected that this sport airport will increase its commercial operation to a larger scale in close future. The airport design, construction and operation will be more human-friendly and should achieve benefits for the development of the airports infrastructure. Further benefits will be the extension of air traffic and lower transport costs for goods and people. The best way to enhance the utilisation of the airport is by infrastructure development to decrease operative costs and by commitment to sustainable development.

Intairplan and WAM professionals have found development potential of the runway and compared it to similar airports for the analysis of their status of development. Preparation of a set of guidelines for development of small general aviation airport into commercially successful business has been made. Those two and many more crucial tasks for the future of aviation business in the area represent the challenges of the project

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Ukraine, UEFA Audit Airports

2010 UEFA commissioned the expert group to review and rating of Ukrainian commercial airports in view of the forthcoming European Football Championship. In the context of an audit of the state in the meantime carried out construction and extension work were evaluated, the planning and procurement work for the measures still required tested and their financing, both for timely completion of the required for the planned in Ukraine Games apron and terminal capacity on each ensure case.

Intairplan GmbH was the member of team responsible for the air-side facilities in this team (runways, aprons and lighting/navigation systems).

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Frankfurt International Airport
Basic Planning for A380 Aircraft Operation:
Take-Off Obstacle Analysis and 3D-Visualisation

For checking the direction of approach 25R on obstacle clearance while drawing up of an Airbus A380 at the stop bars taxiway Bravo / Bravo-East a complex 3D visualization was performed on the existing topography and the actual aircraft dimensions where all relevant movements were simulated.

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Modernization of the International Airport Iasi, Romania

Overall concept of rehabilitation Runway

The runway of the airport Iasi has extensive damage and must be replaced urgently. As part of the application process for the works concerned various redevelopment proposals were drawn up to a total concept with a new, shifted and extended runway and additional apron areas.

Quality Management

As part of a QA workshop, the draft documents submitted by the participating companies were planning on their completeness, their veracity and tested to comply with the applicable aviation regulations (ICAO, ACI, IATA).

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Dresden – Renovation of the runway

Flughafen Dresden GmbH had announced the construction work for the renovation of the runway. The plan was in addition to a shift in the existing runway include an increase to 2850 m. The 60 m runway width is to be created as a concrete runway largely maintenance of flight operations.

As a basis for bid preparation, the feasibility of the tender design was tested and alternatives examined. For this, according to the nightly time window of only 7 hours the individual steps in 15-minute intervals analyzed and the necessary personnel and equipment deployment calculated. Possible bottlenecks in the capacity of the surrounding mixing plants were taken into consideration, such as the influence of the special security requirements in the airport area on the orbital periods of the transport vehicles.

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